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In Nairobi Kenya Auto Glass or Windshields are an essential feature of every vehicle. It mainly offers protection against the weather. These also allow visibility on the road to the drivers and passengers of the vehicle, which can reduce fatal vehicle accidents in some cases. Given the importance of having a windshield, you should only hire the best service provider. Here are ten things to consider when choosing a windshield repair service.

1.Good Quality

Quality is the most crucial factor you need to consider when choosing a windshield repair company. You have to ascertain the brand and product quality before hiring a windshield repair service. Try to ask the service provider questions like the name of the brand they use, the quality and the durability of the products they will be using for your car, etc. Asking these questions and doing a follow-up online to confirm claims will tell you if you can trust them or not.

You also need to be concerned about the clarity of the windshield as well. The repair service provider should give you a clear windshield for your car rather than a distorted or blurry one. This is because blurry windshields can obstruct your view leading to accidents.

Using high-quality windshields for your car will save money on subsequent repairs in the long run. A quality windshield also ensures your windshield is strong enough to resist impact in case of accidents. Besides, a sturdy windshield will help you avoid water leakage or even wind disturbance.

You should note that your windshield’s sturdiness is partly dependent on the materials used to hold it in place. This is why you should always insist on quality materials when hiring a windshield service provider.

2.Company’s Experience

This aspect is also vital when hiring a windshield repair service provider. You should choose a company/shop that has experience handling windshield repairs or replacement. When choosing a windshield repair service provider with vast expertise like Discount Auto Glass Portland, you can be assured that your car is in capable hands. An experienced windshield repair service provider will know the right kind of auto glass to purchase and the right materials to keep the glass in place. As professionals, they know the dos and don’ts of the operations, and they are also in the best position to provide the best service. To confirm the expertise and experience of your service provider, you can check their website for reviews or ask around from past customers. You can also ask the company to show you pictures of previous works done if you need reliable assurance.

3.Covered by Insurance

You might need to make inquiries from your insurance company to know the windshield repair service providers accepted by the company. This is important if your insurance company is to bear the cost of the repairs. You might lose your insurance claims for the repair if you do not make use of the acceptable windshield repair service providers. Your insurance company may already have partnerships with some selected service providers that you have to use. If your insurance company doesn’t have a partnership with any particular windshield repair service provider, you can go to any windshield repair shop of your choice. You can then send the receipts of the repair service to the insurance company for reimbursement.


A company or shop that would handle something as delicate as the repair or replacement of your car’s windscreen should be appropriately certified. You should be assured that the service provider is capable of handling the repair or replacement. Up-to-date certifications show that the company or repair shop is accredited and is equipped to carry the necessary repairs. Having a license is also proof that it is credited as a repair service provider. You can find out about their certifications and licenses by asking their customer care representatives. This might not even be necessary because most repair shops display a copy of their credentials visibly in their shops. Checking their certifications will assure you they are reliable and won’t just pack up one day taking your car away.

5.Duration of Repair

This is another crucial factor you need to consider when choosing the right windshield repair service provider. The right company should be able to fix your car at the end of the specified time. You also need to ensure that the service provider you choose can get the windshield repaired as soon as possible. This is even more important if you use your car frequently since it will be an inconvenience to go for a long time without the car. You need an assurance that your windshield will be replaced without any unnecessary delays.

6.Customer Care Service

This factor is also significant. You should hire a windshield repair company/shop that values its customers. How do you know if the service provider values the customers? Pay attention to their customer service and sales attendants, and you will know. Service providers with excellent customer care service are always ready to make things easy for the customers. If customers lodged complaints about some products or services, the complaints would be attended to swiftly. Besides, windshield repair service providers with excellent customer service always want to render top-notch and satisfactory services to clients. This is because they realize the value of referrals and hold their customers in high esteem. Some of them are also willing to give a new customer estimates before payment to retain the client.

The internet is your friend if you want to know about your windshield repairs service provider’s customer service delivery. You can check out customers’ reviews about the company/shop on Facebook, Google Maps, the company/shop’s pages, and the likes. You can also search for news about the company to know more about their values and customer service ethics.


Warranties are another essential factor you should consider when hiring a windshield repair service provider. Find out if the company you plan to choose offers a warranty for the services they provide. If they do not offer warranty options, you might need to reconsider your decision to hire them. This will reduce your spending if you notice defects in your windshield shortly after the repair or replacement. You need to find out the provisions you are entitled to after being serviced by the windshield repair company. Ask their policies on water leaks, wind noise, and loose windshield. Their response can help you decide if they are the best ones to hire or if you need to look further.

8.Capable Technicians

Also, it is crucial how the staff would attend your car and fix your windshield. You need to know if the technicians are experts on windshield repairs and replacements? Are the technicians experienced and trustworthy enough to use top quality materials for the replacement instead of low-quality materials? These are essential questions you need to answer before hiring a windshield repairer. You shouldn’t downplay the importance of hiring a service provider with skilled technicians. It can make the difference between a well-repaired windshield and a poorly repaired one. The staff should be experienced enough to install the windshield properly without lapses. This is because windshields can pose a danger to your car and live if it’s not installed correctly. It could push out the car’s airbags at impromptu times, endangering the lives in the car. Moreover, if the windshields are not well installed, it will break sooner than expected, which means you would still need to pay for replacements and repairs.

9.Cost of Service

Yes, the cost of service is another essential factor you need to consider. Even though your pocket size matters the most, you need to hire a top-notch windshield repair service provider. Compare prices of likely service providers you’re interested in before choosing one. You do not need to patronize an overly expensive service provider before you get quality service. Notwithstanding, do not be fooled by insanely low charges, this might indicate that the service provider is not well-experienced. It could also mean that they don’t have a license or the necessary certifications to operate in the area. If you are in Portland, you can always go to Discount Auto Glass as they will offer you the best service at an affordable price.


Your convenience also matters when you are trying to choose a windshield repair service provider. You need to consider if they’re not too far from where you are currently staying. Ensure that the distance and the location are accessible. This will allow you to retrieve your car after its fixed. That way, you can leave your vehicle and pick it up without any hassle. You can also consider availing home service if there’s any available. For example, if the repair service provider can bring the needed items to repair your windshield at your home or if they can come to pick your car and bring it back. Hiring a repair service provider with these options can ease the process for you.


The windshield is an essential part of your vehicle; this is the reason why you need to hire the right repair service provider when selecting a windshield repair service. Considering factors like service cost, quality of service delivery, the company’s experience, and certification can help you make the right choice. Greenshield Mania Ltd the leading company in Kenya which offers great services and outlined above.

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In Nairobi Kenya Auto Glass or Windshields are an essential feature of every vehicle. It mainly offers protection against the weather. These also allow visibility on the road to the drivers and passengers of the vehicle, which can reduce fatal vehicle accidents in some cases. Given the importance of having a windshield, you should only hire the best service provider. Here are ten things to consider when choosing a windshield repair service.

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